Metalcut Tool Services offers a “Digi-Price” quoting service.

Nov. 02nd, 2016

Metalcut Tool Services offers a “Digi-Price” quoting service.

Save time… save money… and improve turnaround time to get your tools back into service. It’s simple!

#1 – Take a digital photo of your tool and email it to

#2 – We will acknowledge receipt of your digital image, review it to determine if the tool is repairable, and provide a price for the repair.

#3 – Want to proceed with the repair?

  • → Send us the tool, reference our “Digi-Price” quote number, and provide a PO.
  • → Remember to send the appropriate hardware to assure your tool is repaired using your hardware and your insert. Our “Best Practice” pocket conformance guarantee!
  • → Once received your tool will go right into our streamlined production process and shipped back within 4 weeks or less. 
  • → Need EMERGENCY service – just let us know!  Contact our office at 937-434-4258