Haimer USA: Gripping Torque: Is This the Right Way to Measure Toolholder Effectiveness?

Dec. 01st, 2016

President of MetalCut Tool Services, Inc., Marc Steimer, would like to share this article from Haimer USA  a worldwide leader in production and distribution of precision metal-cutting products. According to Mr. Steimer, "Haimer publishes some very good technical articles that I have found to be educational and useful over the past 10 years or so!”


The widespread belief in the machining industry is that gripping torque is the singular element that speaks for how secure a tool is in the toolholder. The theory is that the higher the torque, the less likely the tool will pull out. But is magnitude of gripping torque really the singular metric that guarantees tool security, and ultimately productivity?

In a series of articles, we will analyze the effectiveness of gripping torque as a measurement tool, how it works (or doesn’t) in practical applications, look at friction fit and other methods of holding tools and suggest a better way of evaluating tool retention.

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